<![CDATA[Carols Creative Universe - Blog]]>Sun, 10 Sep 2017 15:25:52 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Trash to Treasure]]>Sun, 10 Sep 2017 20:27:02 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/trash-to-treasureTrash to treasure is actually one of my favorite subjects.  In a universe where budgets are tight and paying the mortgage trumps expenses for hobbies I am always looking for cheap ways to create.

I am always trying to use what I have on hand.  And sale flyers from the drug store, like RiteAid is a perfect example.

Last week I was just looking at the flyer and the ad for Oreos caught my eye.  But it could be a package of anything.

I cut out the section with the Oreos, leaving plenty of extra on the ends.

I folded it in three so that it made a little envelope, sealed one end and filled it with random bits of cardboard, then I sealed the other end and trimmed to the edge of the Oreo package.
And just like that a perfectly sized package of oreos for your scene or dollhouse.  For zero dollars.
This is the same idea, but with the Whitmans cut out pasted onto a little box.  Still perfectly dollhouse size.

I am sorry for my picture quality today, but you get the idea.
<![CDATA[The Messy Office.]]>Sat, 15 Jul 2017 19:45:47 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/the-messy-officeThe minute I saw this red telephone bench I could visualize what I wanted to do with it.

A messy office setting.  I used a wooden backless cube, the kind you hand on the wall.  I added a back of foam core and wallpapered it.

I made the box of files out a some colorful folders. And I made the mcdonalds bag out of a piece of a real McDonalds bag.  The books on the floor are cut from the spine of a corporate report. The flip flops are buttons.

I am pleased with how it came out, what do you think?
<![CDATA[Dessert for Sale!]]>Sat, 15 Jul 2017 19:43:32 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/dessert-for-salecgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=332305950892&roken=cUgayN​]]><![CDATA[Baby Turtle on the Beach]]>Fri, 07 Jul 2017 23:56:45 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/baby-turtle-on-the-beachThis is a project  I have been working on for some time now.  It's a beach scene in a tin.  The entire thing was inspired by this little turtle climbing out of his egg.

The sand was shaped in layers, using white glue. Just last week I finally poured the "water".  Now I am not sure if it needs another layer.

​I'm pretty pleased with how this came out.
Of course while I am working on the beach the rest of the place has gone to the dogs!
<![CDATA[Tri-Color Pastry]]>Mon, 29 May 2017 16:40:08 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/tri-color-pastry
While I am on the subject of desert, here is a plate of tri-color pastry.  It's made of craft foam and brown paint.  Again $1 store items. 
<![CDATA[S'Mores]]>Sun, 28 May 2017 12:51:41 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/smoresPicture
For some reason I had the urge to make s'mores. This took a bit of thought because i do not use clay...well rarely and never the bakeable kind.  Getting the baking just right is just something extra that I don't need.

So it came to me this morning that thin cardboard would be just right. 

So I cut 8 little squares of cardboard, painted 4 of them with dark brown craft paint, and once dry I put a blob of heavy body artist acrylic white paint between the graham cracker and the chocolate and squished it down.  I am quite pleased with the way they came out.

<![CDATA[Spring is finally here!]]>Sun, 07 May 2017 17:34:08 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/spring-is-finally-hereSpring has finally arrived in Maine. My lawn is green and my daffodils are up!

I have so many projects that I want to show and today i did sit down and made a plate of pasta.  I am sorry the picture isn't so great!

The pasts is made with string dipped in a mixture of white glue and white and yellow paint. It's topped with a meatball made out to toilet paper. I think It came out pretty well, but I guess I need to take a better picture.

Have a nice week!

<![CDATA[A Water Jug]]>Tue, 25 Apr 2017 10:08:51 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/a-water-jug
I grew up camping and everywhere we went we were always filling up the jug. I have to admit that this was not totally my idea, but it appealed to me due to it's use of trash.

Above I've shown the glue I use, from the dollar store.

To make this you need two identical bottle caps. You can use most any size or color. Glue them open sides together and let dry.

Once dry cut a piece of craft foam, from the dollar store, long enough to go around the bottle caps, and glue it on.

To complete the jug use a piece of scrap plastic and some beads to make a handle and you're done!

You could also make a label that says Coleman, but I can't convince my printer to print so I left off the label.

To follow up on the condition of my car, I have an appointment to bring it in for repair in May 1. They say it will take two weeks,  I am hoping less.
<![CDATA[Car Accident]]>Sun, 16 Apr 2017 15:52:42 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/car-accidentPicture
i really intended this blog to be all about my creative endeavors, not really about me.But driving home friday after work made me think t hat maybe you'd like to know a bit more about me.

I only drive about 5 miles or so to work, but Friday 4/14  I was rearended by a Trailblazer.  I drive an Elantra Touring, and as ypou can see from my picture  the tailgate is trashed, as is the useless bumper...because the Trailblazers bumper is so high that mine did nothing.

I was slowing down to merge with traffic and the other car just plowed into me. I'm fine and my car is driveable, but this will make a huge inconvenience. You see I use a wheelchair and I use a Braun Cartopper to carry it. i use the wheelchair because I've had MS for almost 23 years and I can't walk anymore.  My car is equipped with handcontrols so I can't just get a loaner.

I have thousands of dollars in damage, it won't just be a one day job.

I am working on miniatures to show you, yesterday I began a chair for an art studio box I've got planned.  But i can't find my camera, again, so no pictures yet.

See you next week.

<![CDATA[April 09th, 2017]]>Sun, 09 Apr 2017 21:52:28 GMThttp://carolscreativeuniverse.com/blog/april-09th-2017It's finally spring here in Maine. But it's been so dreary all week i don't really have much to show.  This is a little bottle, about an inch tall or so with a house an tree in it.  I suppose it's my own tiny universe. The little house is white fimo.